Are you beautiful?


We are all beautiful it’s the thoughts of ourselves that defer what we look like on the outside by Nyamushagi Bridget

What is beauty? Well I wouldn’t know and I probably couldn’t describe it if I tried but here is what I know for sure, beauty is an intangible manifestation of a positive energy about ourselves that is so deep within us it eventually bursts out and reveals itself through our bodies. It is a feeling.
So if it’s a feeling, how come we do not always feel this way? Well that’s the beauty of life, it’s like a symphony, if there were no lows, we would not appreciate the highs. So where does this leave us? It means that much as beauty is a feeling we cannot sermon it at any time, we have to be aware that we are being beautiful, and this will take time, effort and mastering of one’s body.
While obvious beauty seems to be with the rich and famous, ordinary people too hold the keys to beauty and this article will help you unlock these places within you enjoy.


Be confident

Do not confuse confidence for arrogance. Confidence means you know something well enough to tell people about it and take other people’s opinions too, arrogance means you are the only one who could possibly know anything, and no one else’s opinion matters. That’s just a turn off, because then no one has anything to teach you and you become unapproachable.

Having an idea of who you are and the things you want in life will attract people to you because you stand out of the crowd, you have focus that’s admirable. This obviously means that you have to spend time discovering yourself though hobbies, reading widely etc. The journey of self-discovery is endless.
Knowing yourself, will make making decisions easy, as you’ll be well grounded in your values. This doesn’t in any way imply that life is a straight path, new things will be revealed, the important thing is that you have a rhythm that you vibrate to and you’re aware of it.
Standing for everything may mean standing for nothing at all, so know the things that address your choices.


Being kind and polite.

Some people are fortunate to grow up in a home where someone takes care to teach them to be aware of other people’s feelings. This may seem like something easy, but as the world gets hectic there is a tendency to channel our energy away from other people and onto ourselves. It takes tremendous energy to refocus on things other than ourselves.

We need each other to grow, and it’s only human to hurt other people as we go. But this needn’t be the end of a friendship, apologize when you have the chance, you never really know how much time you’ve left with that person. Forgiveness, is something that goes two ways, in asking for forgiveness, it opens a channel to begin a new and it expresses our vulnerability as human and is a definite chance to make things better in the future.


Listening to others

There is a tremendous difference between listening and hearing. Hearing is detecting sound with your ears, listening is mindful, it involves focus from all your senses. Seek always to know before you seek to be known.
Many times the heavy concerns we live with only need a few minutes of uninterrupted attention. If you have a misunderstood child with deep rooted problems causing misbehavior at school, or a dying marriage, it may be time to offer an attentive ear. It’s hard to know the whole story if you’re too busy talking.
A major human weakness is that it’s hard to look outside of ourselves. Listening requires empathy, for one to get out of their situation and try be in the other person’s shoes. Then ponder on these questions what would you feel? What would you do? A moment of realization will occur, it will be easier to see that the person really is asking for our help and they’re handling the situation the best way they know.
Find a quiet place and time to listen, it’s not easy to listen over the rumbling of traffic or the television. Try a secluded garden and make the most of that heart to heart. The need to be understood is one of the most basic human needs. It reflects in our daily behavior. We gravitate towards people because we simply feel that they understand our situation. Understanding isn’t a thing for some chosen few, it’s a skill that if forgotten can be cultivated a new. It only requires willingness to be there for someone today.
We are different, and our beauty is in our diversity, so do not bash too hard on people simply because they do not agree with your beliefs, if you listen you will come to a compromise.



Nothing brightens the day like a beautiful smile. Happiness just like sadness is contagious. It becomes easy to think that with all the plights we have going on in our lives there is no point going around faking smiles. Well much as that’s true, acknowledging that there is a problem is the first step, the next is letting it go and accepting responsibility for your state of mind. Life will throw us in the deep every now and then, only when you are there should you clearly see that you can choose to rise above it and make it a good lesson or sink in it and well remain laden with the weight.
Remember always that things can turn up at any minute, stay calm and smile. Everything is going to be okay. Besides, if in doubt, you’ve better chances of meeting someone that will help you if you keep your head up and keep that smile on.
Frowning will leave fine-lines all over your face, so be as happy as you can. Serve people with a smile, this will make you memorable and you could even get promoted on the basis of your positive attitude. Laughter is the medicine for the soul, so when you feel lost and disconnected with yourself, find a friend and laugh real hard, tell somebody how that day went, and spread the love.


Stand by the people who need you the most.

Annie said that while the life we hear about in history may be a sum of great moments, life as we know it is made up of small moments, very small moments in which we face the people we live with and stand by the people we love.
Standing by someone isn’t something that’s expected of us, well for some as responsibility like parent for child, but for a friend in need it means a great deal.
Many of us are too self-absorbed, that when someone has a problem, the first reaction is to turn our backs simply because we don’t know the person that well or because you know that’s their problem. And even the people you thought you knew will throw under the bus as soon as they can.
Friendship really isn’t as much about being there for people during the good times as it is about being there for them during the bad. Friendship is that thing that should save and rejuvenate and return hope to the chaotic place we call our world. So think of a friend that needs you today and reach out, when everything is all better, what you did for them will be a priceless moment of history. A moment of sincerity, honesty and pure humility.



Is the gift of expectancy, something we need to be conscious to cultivate more in our lives if it’s going to be meaningful. It means having faith, faith that everything is going to be okay even when the future is not clear before us.
The frantic world we live in has made the real truth and the apparent truth a blur, the news is always about some social or economic calamity, the question becomes, where is the hope if everything else seems to be heading nowhere, why should I the individual a micro millionth of the whole world think things could go the other way?

Well here is news for you, you have a choice and life really is all about choices, you can choose to cultivate happiness and knowledge for yourself that tomorrow will be better or you can live what’s left of your life in fear of how everything is going to fall apart. Confucius said he who says he can and he who says he can’t, both are usually right.
So hope is this thing that’s real, it’s a feeling we can spiral within us on a daily and just the right amount of hope will be enough to get you through events you never thought you could survive.


Taking care of yourself

Beauty on the inside manifests itself on the outside. Love of others starts with love of yourself. You can only give what you have and if you do not have care or compassion or patience for yourself, there is no way these things can emerge from you to the people around you. Loving yourself means taking time to look at yourself, asking yourself the hard questions of what beauty means or what it should be and then setting out on this journey to find your beauty.
While it’s good to think that we are all born perfect, the physical beauty is imperative, it takes on the forms that we expose it to. With anger, depression and over eating leave little room for beauty to express itself. On the other hand, laughter happiness and respect will result in a positive and attractive physical form. A good place to start is forgiving yourself, people and situations around you. Letting go of past traumas will reschedule you re whole emotional pallet allowing you a fresh start. And boy don’t we all want fresh start, well only you can afford you this chance.
You have to take time to take care of your mind and your body, think good thoughts, eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Your body is that through which life streams to you, without your body you’d have no form, no voice no face no name no trace, people would never be able to know who you are. So take a minute, and just take care of your body. It is after all the real place where you reside.
Beauty isn’t something we know, it’s something we have if we are aware of our bodies. Beauty is something that’s relative, it’s true if you believe that it resides within you. You need to find it, and project it to the world, it’s neither superficial, nor cosmetic, it’s genuine humility, so go there and fall in love with that person.


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