5 easy home remedies for headaches

A woman with a headache. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown.

Headaches are something that come by every now and again for some of us, and when they do, they can cause anxiety unless handled the right way.

Taking prescribed medicine is one way to tackle the problem, however you will be thrilled to know that you may have remedies seated in your kitchen that may give more lasting results.


Ginger and honey tea. Have the ginger root freshly pound and boil it in a pot of water. This works to get your blood flowing and keeps you hydrated.


Place an ice bag or a cold fruit on the side of your ears, where you feel the throb send the pulse is racing. Ensure the fruit is wrapped in a piece of cloth.


Take a cool shower, this usually works to generally bring the whole body’s temperature down, you should feel better shortly.


Take deep breaths, breathing in and out deeply for about 5 minutes should make a big difference because it allows the body to get oxygenated, and the more oxygen the body has, the more efficiently it works.


Apply menthol therapy oil. There are several of these aromatherapy oils, however ones with menthol always have the capacity to take headaches down faster.

The balm works-to open pores allowing the skin to breath, at the same time, its aroma perceptually sends signals to your body to release hormones that tone the headache down.


Now, you can turn to your kitchen the next time your head is throbbing and say it’s all going to be okay, have a lovely day,



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