Life is a peculiar place. Many times we feel dropped here, like we are constantly searching for something, something we do not know and that we do not know if we can find. Some call it purpose, others call it fate, and some just think its destiny. Nobody knows when, but you know when you know somehow.

Growing up, there are many memories, then there are moments, life changing – life reflectinginstants when you have an “aha” moment. Moments that cause you to pause and think, there really is more to life than I think I know, why not explore. And for me, very many of these moments were on Sunday afternoon with the Oprah Winfreyshow. There was a diverse exhibition of life’s issues in an interesting way and perhaps the most important thing was the value it created in my life. I left the show knowing that just adding rosemary to your food can boost your memory and olive oil is a good alternative for cholesterol based fats. And while this may not seem like much, the general picture it tainted was the ability of nature to make our lives better. A thing that is almost forgotten in the fast paced world of processed foods that we live in.

It felt like a strange call to go back to the basics and even when your doctor says it every day, Serah you can’t keep having that stake if you want to drop a few pounds, it’s time to look at the vegetables, it seems like such an unbearable task.

Well I say, it’s hard to reason without any knowledge on the subject. So the body just does what it does best. Surprisingly, the more I learnt about what certain natural foods (particularly, fruits, vegetables and spices) could do. The more I was amazed and it didn’t seem like such a chore at all. In fact it became a fan packed hobby and after about 3 years of trying, testing and experimenting, I am confident to share this journey, Uwezo with you.It was all the goodness that could and will still continue be found in one place.

The Buddha says “All things in moderation”being at peace in life was not about being in excess of anything, hate, glut, work, it was about finding a place where wecould also nurture life, love (of self and others) and wellness.



Uwezo comes in to balance your life with the aspects of wellness. So this does not classify anything you have been doing everyday as unhealthy (unless well, you know what you’ve been doing best). It just broadens your knowledge on fitness and nutrition if you ever decide to look at particularly, fruits, vegetables and spices.

Wellness can be said to be a part of 2 things. One is health and the other fitnessalthough both are very physical they can be expand on below

HEALTH(diet = what gets in your body = what makes up your tissues = immune system)

FITNESS(muscular resistance and strength = relaxation of body and mind)



Diet and exercise

Which is why the story of exercise and nutrition are no myth to remedy disease in the modern world. The beauty about all this is that, you really do not have to be ill before you realize you need to keep your body well.

You can pick up any day anywhere, and the younger you are, the better.

Youth is like this fleeting thing, that me like many young women know we wish we could have forever. Is it possible without surgery? We will have to test this theory and see what Mother Nature can offer.

At the risk of sounding positive, in affecting the 2 aforementioned areas of your life, you will effect every aspect of your life to be


Refreshed= Revitalized = Rejuvenated = Alive = Young

The tropical climate of East Africa is a beautiful thing and this is a gift every lady should enjoy.


Beauty =Strength =Confidence



All this information has been packaged to include a book that will guide you through a healthy lifestyle through the major aspects of life such as diet, spirituality and physical health. 

 Hopefully Uwezo will be a life transforming journey for all much as it already is for me.






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