Why God Made Chocolate.

What’s with girls and chocolates?

Jeremy blurted out as his 3 years old sister drove him crazy running around the supermarket so she could find the particular sort that didn’t have nuts?? Well for all of you guys out there that are wondering what’s with girls and chocolate? Here is an insight on how we as girls see things. Fasten your seatbelts. Remember that song….dum dum dum wouldn’t it be nice if the world was chocolate? Well I’m posing the question now.

When she is 4,

Girls are reminded that they have to be sweet, to pay attention to their bodies and what they wear. Appearance is almost everything even in her little blossoming childhood. Girls like flowers, butterflies, toffee. Things like that, we can’t help it, its ingrained in our DNA, and from the day we learn to speak, we start watching cartoons that remind us that girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice..(someone had to be)even God knew, someone had to be softer, smoother and kinder, just so there could be a being of peace someone that cared by default. And this was His idea of the female

When she is 14,

she wants her space. A lot of unexpected things are kicking in and her darling and blameless childhood is wearing off. She will have mood swings, tantrums, uncontrollable crushes and even when she doesn’t see it herself, her body is daunting and bringing her unending and unwanted attention……”aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh”….all the more reason for chocolate. With is rich brown color, the cacao melts in her mouth and the savory sweet taste is just enough to make everything right in the universe again. Oh what a girl wouldn’t do for a bar of chocolate!!!!

When the world is falling apart, am sorry her world is falling apart, only one thing can hold it together it’s tougher than glue and sweeter than sugar. Confessions of a chocoholic.

At 20,                                                               she’s watched too much TV. Enough to know that Penelope Cruise is oh just perfect and Lady gaga is an over rated style slut. She’ll settle for maybe Katie Holmes, but one problem!!! While she was eating away at all that chocolate, she forgot that she had to be a perfect ten if she has to fit in any of Katie’s stylish attires. ‘Now what’ she starts to weep and turns back to her best friend the TV for ideas of how to beat the blues…She’s in luck, there is a premiering season of weight watchers. It’s enormously exciting!! She can’t wait to be like Jennifer Hudson in a few weeks. Then comes the part where she is warned that on this diet, there shall be no forms of chocolate whatsoever? ‘But why??’ sob. However, she is determined. She grabs a yellow note book rights down all the pros and cons of chocolate, and it looks like chocolate is losing this time round. She is apologetic as she bites into her last bar…’I’m sorry chocy but bigger things await!!’ Most women are aware of ticking clocks, we may take a month to pick the dress out for a wedding, and the after another month to get dressed, but the truth is we are way ahead of things in our mind. Hard to believe, but most conspiracies that have proof have turned out to be controversial. In her mind. Here is the true one, she has to look hot, before she’s had babies, so nothing will come in the way, not even chocolate. She hits the fitness center, tackles the healthy living and eventually a beautiful being emerges.

He is an evil naughty little boy. He is playing with your chocolate


At 24

while working on her career on a Saturday mid afternoon, she decides to drop by the coffee shop for an espresso little does she know, that love awaits her there. She bumps into prince charming, spills his chocolate and in the midst of apologies a table is shared and a cheerful friendship is fostered. He is special, he becomes more special, so special in fact every time he comes around it’s like he’s the only one you have been waiting to see. When he leaves the country for some time, wrongs you in any way or just wants to see a smile on your pretty little face…wait for it…….he does it with..CHOCOLATE!!! You’re madly in love and now chocolate is soooooooo seductive, he leaves trails of it leading to wherever he wants to lure you, he is an evil naughty little boy. He is playing with your chocolate. He keeps talking about putting that big ring on your finger and there you will have a big mountain of chocolate cake.

Is he the one? Is he not?

She woke up one morning and prince charming had taken his horse out into the woods, not leaving a notice on when he will be back. Her entire pretty world is falling apart. She cries on her best friend’s shoulder and shrugs. Dozens and dozens of chocolate help sop up the heartache. If the stupid prince wants his place back in your heart, he has to win it back…a box of annoyingly expensive chocy’s might do the trick, but if he is not the one, she knows better than that. He might even have to buy out Willy Wonka just so you’re sure.

When she is 34,

Her heart is sullen with love, and a chubby baby is on the way, she craves only wine and raisins chocolate. It’s crazy!!!!! She plans to eat it until the teeny life growing inside of her almost smells of chocolate. Then when he is born, he will be called Fudge!!! Hahhahah she is serious. And when she finally gets a little baby girl, she starts all over with the tale of chocolate manor. If it’s a happily ever after, those special moments will never pass without being marked with the smell of sweet cacao. Chocolate indeed is what a girl’s world is built on, you couldn’t take it anywhere even if you tried. It’s in the makeup, the body moisturizers……indeed girls are made of chocolate, sugar spice and everything nice. And yes it would be nice if the world was made of chocolate


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