Get Whiter Eyes With Home Regimens


Beauty is in your eyes, you’re the beholder

With Uwezo

They say you can see someone’s soul through their eyes, it’s true. You can tell when someone is youthful and glowing or even tired, hurt, angry and aging through their eyes. What this means is that we have to give time and attention to these lovely organs if health and youth is what we want to see.

Your eyes not only serve as an aid to see. They are also an indicator of internal well-being or dysfunctions in your body. For many of us, unless we are seeing the optician for an eye defect, we tend to think there is nothing we can do to recharge our beautiful eyes. However, the heat in Kampala, lack of ample sleep from partying and long hours in front of televisions and computers will drain the sparkle from your eyes at which point something will have to be done.

This article will take you through simple, reachable and affordable regimens that you can do every day at home to have sparkling white eyes.

Place cucumber slices on your eyes

spa_cucumber_RutherfordStudios (Medium)


This is an age old remedy that yes, does not have to be done only when you are at a spa, because if you have the cucumbers at home, there is nothing stopping you.

An interesting alternative to cucumbers is Irish potato slices. The water content in cucumbers and potatoes helps reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Directions: Cut thick slices of cucumbers or potatoes from the fridge, lay your head back and place a slice over each eye. Leave on for about 10 minutes, or change slices if necessary. Have some relaxing music, and release the stress of the day.

Have a bowls of carrot salad today


Carrots are rich in vitamin A which we all know is essential for good night sight. But besides that, it keeps the eyes feeling fresh and strong.

A salad may mean dicing the carrots with other veges or eating them as an independent serving. Another interesting way to consume carrots may be to add it to a juice recipe. Passion fruits and pineapple do well.

 Create your own herbal tea time.



Personally, I am not a fan of plain tea, but there are special teas that have herbal accents, these are rich with antioxidants and good for the eyes too. They include chamomile, Chinese green tea , marigold, the list goes on.

Directions: make a pot of tea with two teabags. Once brewed, put the teabags in the fridge. Remember not to squeeze all the water out of the teabags when cooling in the fridge.

After 20 minutes, place one teabag each on each eye and let the cold bags eliminate soreness from eyelids. Thee best part is you get to drink the tea too while you wait for the teabags to freeze.

 Juice juice juice!


I’m a big fan of juicing, because I know how hard it can be to commit to chewing fruits and vegetables in a bowl. Juicing gives you the option to play with flavors, come up with interesting colors, and above all boost your eye health.

Juicing increases the intake of Vitamin C and A. juicing can be done anytime any day, not just when your eyes are tired. The vitamins will help brighten the whites around your iris.

Directions: there is a wide array of recipes, see our website >>>http: <<< for some. Feel free too to create your own fresh juice recipes: try cucumber, carrots, orange and lemon. Delish!

 Get a facial massage regularly


Getting a massage doesn’t mean you have to go to the spa every other time. A massage entails gently pressing around the skin areas to release tension while increasing circulation of blood.

Dark circles around the eyes are usually caused when blood is not circulating right.

Direction: This may be done before or after a regular shower. You will need a facial scrub, apricot scrub does wonders, apply in small circles while spreading the skin out.

 Cold milk is good for the eyes too


Milk is a rich source of protein, and it goes without saying, the eyes love it too.

Directions: place some chilled milk in a bowl. Toss some cotton balls in the milk. Squeeze the liquid out gently, and place the balls on your eyelids for 15-20 minutes. Feel free to dip again or change cotton pads. This works well for soothing dark circles and replenishing the under-eye area.

Bright eyes are beautiful, home regimens are rewarding and really special, because they come at no extra cost. All they require is you to clear you schedule for about 30 minutes over the weekend, play some soothing jazz and connect you’re your body, after all you are the beholder. Enjoy your sparkly white eyes.


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