The Truth About Cutting The Kilos



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 Weight loss is a major trend today more than ever because we live in a society whose media scrutiny has made physical appearance more important. This article will build onto the earlier posted article “Are You Beautiful?”

While a few people are born perfect and continue to feel perfect for the larger part of their lives, most people especially women as we grow our bodies tend to hike fat storage and if food intakes and child births are not monitored we end up unhappy with who we have become and yet still pressured to look at our bodies in relation to the next top model. This can be quite disheartening if you are alone but mostly if you have to go about this the wrong way.

What is the wrong way of going about weight loss?

The most popular and obvious solution is to eat less. While logically this should work, it will not be effective, because of two simple reasons. First because while eating a smaller pizza warrants taking in less calories, it still ensures that your body is still stuffed up with the same stuff that is making your body fat, so at best it won’t work.

Secondly, and am sure many of us have experienced this, deciding not to eat at all and maybe take water night on night and maybe a light snack and gaining weight instead. It doesn’t make sense right? And it can be completely frustrating. Which is what makes it all the more important that rather than just embarking on a mission to lose weight by cutting calories, we know exactly “how to cut the calories right”

Everything can be just in time

This is a theory used in business, for individual stocking product in a shop to know when to bring in more so that it is just enough for storage or shelving and also meets the market while still fresh. This theory can help you understand how the body may fail to lose weight. It is a simple thing that will clear your mind of all the tension that you have been feeling

The human body is a combination of organs or systems working together to keep a person balanced and functioning well, the failure of a certain system to meet the others needs and a hormone is sent to the brain informing you that you are indeed not well. This means taking in too many carbohydrates results in having excess energy that the body cannot all pass out but will be stored around the body as “fat” which stretches the skin and hence the beginning of feeling or being unfit or unhappy. And this is the mechanism the body has as “storage”. Depending on one’s metabolic rate.

Balance is the key

The just in time theory looks at taking in food only and only when you need it, so the body is able to use up exactly what it has asked for and avoids taking on an excess that it has to store. This will need you to trust yourself and listen to your body.

In a situation where you find yourself not eating and still gaining weight, it’s because, you haven’t created a balance between the body and the mind about losing weight. So while the body is not taking in extra calories, the mind detects deprivation and goes into damage control mode, sending signals for the body to store as much fat for the coming times when it will be starved.

So it’s clear now that the key to having a successful weight loss journey more than anything is the balance between mind and body, below are some thoughts that will help you channel that connection.


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Treat you mind to believe you have abundance

As explained above, to calm the body down from triggering thoughts of deprivation, you have to assure it through the mind, that you in fact will have enough to eat, at all times. This is where the true power of weight loss lies. Do this and watch the kilos fade away effortlessly.

Our lives are filled with everything we need and if we see them and take them every day, there is no way we will be in lack or shortage of what we need. The universe has a way with things, we do not even have to ask for several things yet they are in our lives any way. The gift of life, love, the air that we breathe, the helping hand of a friend, the rain that falls of on a night, the truth is that every time we have needed something it has found a way of coming into our lives one way or another.

So letting go of the fear of when the next meal will be gives us power to focus on the goal of losing weight while trusting that we will find a meal and when we do, it will be the right meal.

Keep calm, stay positive and fearless

While, embarking on this journey sadly not everyone will be understanding of your mission. Many will laugh and make you feel uncomfortable just to have something to talk about. But that is something that people always do when they see that other people have enough courage to take their lives in their own hands. It’s expected, so have no fear, keep calm and smile and know your goals and why you made this decision in the first place. Talk to those in line with your thoughts keep your grace and poise, and have more supportive people around. Eventually several people will come around and even be inspired by your resolution.

Keep a journal even on food

This is a very huge transition and life decision for you, to take it all the way, you have to be able to understand your emotions and a journal is one of the best ways to help you work through it all. It burns the feelings of loneliness and documentation of such gratifying moments can encourage you to follow through. So you will have something to look back on, something you started and finished, and something you are proud of.  It’s the becoming of your personal victories as they happen. Recording these every day leaps of faith will strengthen your commitment.

Have weight goals

Seeing the end is another important subject on the successful mission that is your weight loss. Knowing what weight you want to be at is a good motivation, visually. Do you want to drop a size or three? It doesn’t matter, the most important thing is you take a little time every day to visualize yourself in this place. This will keep your zest fresh and it will be easier to make decisions that relate to your physique.



Don’t be afraid to make your own meals

Yes cook! For many people weight gain is a result of not knowing how to make themselves a nice home-made heartfelt and healthy meal, and the over dependence on fast food which is low in nutrition and packed with saturated fat.

Making your own meals will allow you to be able to create servings that are in in line with your health goals.

It’s always going to be content over quantity

As far as food goes, you have to develop a sixth sense that will help you intuitively understand the content of food in order to be able to achieve your goals. Nutritional fact information of all foods is readily available at your fingertips, just google.

But to kick start the process and simplify everything, cross reference your shopping lists with this, remove the following from your meals: meat, diary, eggs, sugar, alcohol, processed foods, wheat, artificial sweeteners and coffee these all harbor several complex sugars and saturated fats that keep your wait tight. Once that’s covered fill your fridge with more of water, fresh fruits, vegetables, brown rice, whole grain cereals like bran and oats and salads keep it light, fresh and filled with fiber.

Fruits ensure energy and vitamins, vegetables ensure nutrition while water replenishes and revitalizes every part of your body through circulation. Giving your body everything it needs to push out the excess fat.

Whatever happens, never forego your mission for the taste of fast foods. Cravings will happen, but you’ve to trust that you can make from fruits and vegetables low calorie and low fat amazing meals too. Uwezo will keep you covered with several recipes to adapt.

Upping your metabolic rate

Perhaps I should briefly explain the metabolic rate. This is the rate at which your body uses up the energy you consume. So for smaller people, their metabolic rates are high which explains why they are small, their bodies work so fast to consume energy leaving hardly anything for storage as body fat. The reverse is true for slightly bigger people. Remember always the mission is never to become pencil thin, a little fat under flesh is desirable, but the body is always more appealing with muscle tone.

Acquiring muscle tone is simple, join a gym for easy cardio classes, it doesn’t have to be heavy lifting, Pilates is good enough. A good massage once in a while will ease the whole body of tension, and with tension out of the way, the body is able to work better. An easy jog every evening over time will also build up your body’s metabolic rate.

The key to all this is consistency and balance, a few tips on working out are:

  • Check with your doctor in case of any complications
  • 30 minutes is enough exercise for 5 days
  • Exercise at least 2 hours after eating.

How does one know if it’s necessary to lose weight?

The first step would be to know your Body Mass Index, you BMI is the ration of your body’s weight to your height at a particular age. These ratios will explain whether or not to a good extent you have excess weight. You can do this at home on the weighing scale and if you can determine your height, and some apps from the internet should be able to help you understand the calculations. Or you can ask your doctor to do this for you. This will also help you determine the healthy weight you should be at.

Many people just get into the habit of weight loss without understanding what it all means, and so it becomes a very destructive place, but with clarity on some issues, it can become an achievable objective after all. Seek to know, read widely on the topic, read about food, about what has worked and above all what ways you can enjoy this journey.

Nothing is impossible, we are only limited by the illusion of what we think is enough and what we think we know. Do not lose hope, aside from the way, the will to is the most important of the human resources we have. If you want it enough, it will definitely come to pass, enjoy yourself!!


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